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About Us


We are dedicated to providing quality synthetic and turf surfaces. Our experience in the installation of over 100 indoor and outdoor sports surfaces in twin states of AP and Telangana makes us one of the best in the field. Our sports surfaces are designed for both professional and amateur level sports. The best quality standards are maintained throughout the installation process.

           Our aim is to remain at the forefront of the industry by continuing to innovate and provide unrivalled levels of customer service.  Our dedicated team is always there to assist you at every step of the installation process.

Our Products and their certification:

  • Synterra – Synthetic Cushioned and Non-Cushioned System – ITF Approved
  • LIMONTA SPORTS SURFACES (ITALY) – 40mm and 50mm Turf – FIFA Approved
  • SYNFLEX INDOOR FLOORING (PVC BASE) – PVC Rubber Flooring Mat – WBF Approved